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Monday, March 7, 2016

Trinity Library of Regentropfen College in Kansoe, Ghana Seeks Donations

We have received an inquiry from and have promised the Trinity Library of Regentropfen College in Kansoe, Ghana that we would reach out to you and your generosity in the hopes of helping them as they develop their library’s collection.

The Regentropfen College has a team of four people working on the curricula (one team member is the librarian). The library is filling very slowly (from donations), and they approached the Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) Library to see if they might save some books which would, otherwise, be discarded.  Sadly, the FGCU Library isn’t in a position to help the Trinity Library due to an arrangement already established with Better World Books.  The FGCU Library referred them to SWFLN.

The College is about to receive its accreditation for programs of Agriculture, Business Studies, Education, Computer Science, and Accounting.  These are the areas for which the books are greatly needed.  Currently, books are slowly being donated by a few educational institutions in Germany to supplement their tiny book budget.

Because of their circumstances, we agreed to send out this message and approach you to see if your library or library system would be in a position to donate books to help them develop their collection in the previously mentioned subjects.  If you are able to assist in this cause, SWFLN will gladly serve as a holding area for the donations until they are able to make arrangements for pick-up and shipping to their library.

If you are able to make a donation, please reply to Kari Thurmond,, SWFLN’s new Member Services Coordinator.  Kari will work with you to make arrangements for how to get your donations to SWFLN.  Of course, you are always able to contact me.

If you would like additional information about the Regentropfen College, please read below.

SWFLN and its member libraries are well known in Florida for their generosity in sharing.  Therefore, I thank you in advance for considering this request.


The Regentropfen College’s website is

Regentropfen means "raindrop" in German, and the initiative was started from the St. Augustine (Germany) School of Higher Theological and Philosophical Academic Studies (  The name is well chosen since an influx of help for tertiary education is needed in this region, which is the Upper East of Ghana with about 1 million people.  It is mainly agricultural, and like the agriculture depends on rain, so will the build-up of the college depend on many raindrops of help.  The closest place with a university is Tamale, about 100 miles away. See more on the region at



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